The Hospital Regional do Câncer de Presidente Prudente is the result of the idealization of prudent Antônio Sérgio Querubim, who suffered from cancer and made tiresome trips to São Paulo to make treatment. In order to ease the tiresome routine of other patients who also went through the same situation, Querubim promised with his wife, Bernadete Querubim, to inaugurate a campaign for the construction of the entity.

Start of the Works of the Hospital do Câncer

In 1997, a commission was created entitled “Commission for the Construction of Cancer Hospital of Presidente Prudente”, composed of those prudent citizens who were already working for the common good.

The purpose of this Commission was to raise funds for the construction of a cancer hospital that would improve, expand and develop the services in the region, providing comfort to the population and reducing the suppressed demand due to the scarcity of treatment centers in the area.

The initial project for the construction of the Hospital contemplated 20 beds in a land provided by Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Presidente Prudente, functioning as an annex of the same.

To raise funds, the Commission participants decided to meet for the sale of T-shirts and the collection of donations that would be reverted to the beginning of the work.
The Board of Directors of the association was: Antonio Sergio Querubim (president); Ana Lúcia Constantino Bongiovani (vice-chair); Tereza Cristina S. Corral (1st secretary); Lúcia Josina Rodrigues Martinho (Second Secretary); Mario Roberto Guarizi (1st treasurer) and Maraluce Constatino Carvalho (2nd treasurer).

In addition to the Board of Directors, the group was also composed of an event committee - formed by Mara Sartori Ibanez, Zuila Aparecida Câmara de Oliveira and Jungla Maria Faria Martim -, a dissemination commission - Maria Auxiliadora de Freitas Constatino, Joseneide F. Fernandes, Andréa C. Viaphora Franco and Bernadete Bosso Querumbim; and the makers of the shirts - Lenita Bongiovani, Rita Alves, Cláudia Cerávolo Mele and Giselda Carreira Delfim Guarizi.

Works of the Cancer Hospital being executed

All of these volunteers acted strongly to consolidate the Cancer Support Support Association in 2002, which continued to work to raise funds through bingos, raffles and charity barbecues.

In 2003, in the presence of the State Governor, the “Fundamental Stone” of the institution was launched. Through the Cancer Support Support Association work of the and the land donated by Santa Casa, the project was started. All expenses for the consolidation of the hospital were paid for by the Cancer Support Support Association.

In 2009, the Regional Cancer Hospital Foundation of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Presidente Prudente was created to receive a grant, which was destined for the State Public Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Public Ministry and Attorney General’s Office, which sought to allow the work to be completed. In addition, public bodies could only allocate money if the hospital were an independent institution and not an annex, as previously planned.

Thus, the Board of Directors of the Foundation sought from the Santa Casa Provedoria the donation of another area. In this way, the project review was started, endowing it with Surgical Center, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Bone Marrow Transplant, kitchen, cafeteria and other dependencies not included in the original project.

Inauguração da Radioterapia em Outubro de 2015.

Due to all the transparency and ethics that led to the bidding processes, the community united again in favor of the construction of the hospital. Agribusiness members coordinated “Mega Auctions” to raise funds. The signing of the SP CAP capitalization contract was also extremely important since, to date, it directs part of the profitability to the our hospital. In addition, funding was also provided through various donors of the “Energy of Good” campaign and by isolated donors.

Throughout this process, volunteers continued to take action to raise funds to finalize the work. It was then that, on October 6, 2015, the Radiation Therapy ward was inaugurated, initiating radiotherapy care.

Currently, 350 consultations are performed daily, distributed in the sectors of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Ambulatory and Ambulatory Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. The Surgical Center and the ICU, as well as the rooms, are already equipped, and the first surgeries and hospitalizations are expected to take place in the second half of 2018.

The other facilities - Diagnostic Center, Iodoterapia, Bone Marrow Transplant and Canteen - are in the stage of equipment. The forecast is that, with the collaboration of the community and with the Accreditation of SUS (Unified Health System), these sectors will also be inaugurated.

Difficulties and solidarity went hand in hand in realizing this dream and today the HRCPP is ready to attend even more cancer patients, reducing the waiting list in the region and becoming a research center guaranteeing the humanized treatment to all those who face difficult battle against cancer.

Meaning of the Logo

The starting point for the creation of the HRCPP logo was the need to unify the visual identity of the Regional Cancer Hospital Foundation with the new graphic symbol that represented the essence of the institution.

The result was the insertion of the logo of the Foundation inside the heart, which represents the body of a butterfly that composes the symbol of the new logo.

The use of the butterfly is justified because it is considered a symbol of transformation, hope and renewal. Moreover, its beauty is particular and draws attention to the delicacy of its forms.

Already the heart is the center point of the logo and was used to gain more representation next to the logo of the Foundation. Thus, this combination of traditional elements with contemporaries marks the transition that occurs in the process of institution development and in visual identity.

Meaning of Colors