In 2009, an environmental compensation agreement was signed between the State Public Ministry, Federal Public Ministry and Attorney General’s Office with the State Power Company of São Paulo due to the impact caused to neighboring municipalities by the Engenheiro Sérgio Motta Hydroelectric Power Plant, in Rosana, São Paulo.

Even though President Prudente hasn’t suffered from the accident, prosecutors and prosecutors have decided to direct part of the compensation appeal to the city, provided that it would benefit the region.

They contacted the AAPC board of directors and consulted to see what it would take to complete the work. Based on the information obtained, they proposed within the agreement the contribution of 20 million that would be paid in installments. However, one question arose: who should allocate the appeal, since neither the Santa Casa nor the AAPC could be prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office?

Here is the need to create a Foundation. Thus, through the donation of the land by the Holy House, was born in 2009 the Regional Cancer Hospital Foundation of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Presidente Prudente, a private nonprofit entity.

MPE and MPF authorities approve the creation of the Foundation.

However, there were demands from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as from the Sanitary Surveillance, that the hospital complex could not function as an annex and should be an independent hospital.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation sought from the Santa Casa Provedoria the donation of another area and began the restructuring of the project, providing it with a Surgical Center, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Bone Marrow Transplant, refectory and other dependencies not included in the original design.

At the end of 2011, in a bidding process, HRCPP restarted the works. Following the norms of the Law of Budgetary Guidelines (LDO) and with inspection by the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) and the Federal Public Ministry of the proposed projects, HRCPP was conducted with responsibility, ethics and transparency, which guaranteed credibility with society.

Currently, the HRCPP is finished and in the stage of equipping, and already serves around 350 patients daily, distributed in the sectors of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Ambulatory and Ambulatory Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Meaning of Logomarca

The logo of the Regional Cancer Hospital Foundation has an objective concept, with few visual elements. The typography presents straight lines, allowing better readability of the content. The acronym “HC” strengthens the institutional value of the Regional Cancer Hospital and gains a more human feeling, as it refers to a person with open arms, representing amparo and receptivity. The heart, in the center of the letter H, is in evidence, representing the gestures of love and solidarity of the entity.

The color blue predominates in the visual because of its characteristics, because it is considered a color that conveys serenity and produces a relaxing and reassuring effect. At the same time, the red in the heart design gains contrast, symbolizing life, energy and love.