Sandovalina will have a charity event for HRCPP NEWS


Sandovalina will have a charity event for HRCPP

Sandovalina will have a charity event for HRCPP

By Amanda Albuquerque / Press Office

The Regional Cancer Hospital of Presidente Prudente (HRCPP) received last Thursday (20) the visit of the municipal mayor of Sandovalina (SP), Amanda Lima de Oliveira Fetter, and the municipal health secretary of the municipality, Gabriela Lima de Oliveira .

Sandovalina’s representatives were at the institution to learn about the structure in operation and announce the realization of a charity event in favor of HRCPP, forming a new Support Committee for the hospital.

“We are planning a lunch with auction, still for the first semester of this year. It is important that people help the HRCPP, as it is available to the region ”, emphasized Amanda.

The municipal health secretary, Gabriela, also spoke about the importance of a specialized hospital available to the region and said she was surprised by the institution’s structure. “I always come here with secretaries from other municipalities for meetings and I have never met the rest of the structure. It is a first world hospital”, said Gabriela.

The representatives announced the charity event for the president of the HRCPP, Francelino Magalhães, who thanked the municipality for its initiative and recalled the participation of his family in the construction of Sandovalina. “It is an honor to know that, back there, we collaborated with the municipality and today you are giving back, supporting a cause as noble as that of our Cancer Hospital. Thank you very much!”, concluded the president.