Sabesp launches project to collect recyclables in favor of HRCPP NEWS


Sabesp launches project to collect recyclables in favor of HRCPP

Sabesp launches project to collect recyclables in favor of HRCPP

Company employees’ initiative has already provided the donation of 850 kilos of cans and plastic lids; there are collection points at Sabesp units in the Presidente Prudente region and all the population can participate

Sabesp conducted, on the morning of today (29), the launch of a project to collect plastic lids and aluminum seals. The event took place at the Presidente Prudente Regional Cancer Hospital (HRCPP), which will receive all financial resources from the sale of recyclable materials. Thus, in addition to preventing waste from being released into the environment - polluting rivers and streams - the project also has a social character.

“We highlight not only the financial importance of this initiative, but also how much it adds in terms of solidarity and citizenship. We, at the hospital, embrace this project, we need society a lot ”, declared HRCPP president Felicio Sylla.

During the official launch of the campaign, the first delivery of recyclables was made, which totaled 850 kilos: 589 kilos of plastic caps and 261 of can seals.

The regional superintendent of Sabesp, Augusto Cesar Marques Leme, informed that the project was born small, within Sabesp, and now it acquires a greater proportion with the support of society. “We are grateful to the hospital for this partnership and also for its performance in the Prudente region, serving the population for free”.

The project to collect the materials is an initiative of the group of volunteers from Sabesp in the Presidente Prudente region and was designed by the engineer and member of the volunteer program, Kesia Munhoz, who was present at the occasion.


History of actions

In December 2019, the Lions Club “Green City” of Junqueirópolis conducted the campaign “Tampinhas que Salvam” and collected more than 30 thousand caps for the HRCPP. Professor Itamar Xavier also donated more than 1 million caps - used in a mosaic that broke the world record - to the institution. These first donations provided the purchase of three wheelchairs, delivered to the hospital in March 2020.

From this, the Lions of Junqueirópolis continued to collect donations in the city. As a result, it contributed a large part of the first donation made by Sabesp.

How to help

The entire population can collaborate with the initiative that promotes the recycling of plastic caps of any type of disposable packaging, such as pet bottles and cleaning products; besides the seals of aluminum cans.

There are collection points in 15 Sabesp units located in 14 cities in the region: Adamantina, Álvares Machado, Assis, Bastos, Lucélia, Osvaldo Cruz, Paraguaçu Paulista, Pirapozinho, Presidente Epitácio, Presidente Prudente (with two collection points), Regente Feijó , Santo Anastácio, Teodoro Sampaio and Tupã.

Residents of other cities who want to collaborate can deliver to the nearest Sabesp unit.