Population of the region joins to give hair to the ngo of São Paulo NEWS


Population of the region joins to give hair to the ngo of São Paulo

Population of the region joins to give hair to the ngo of São Paulo
By Amanda Albuquerque / Press Office HRCPP

About 250 people have donated hair to the Hospital Regional do Câncer de Presidente Prudente (HRCPP) that sends donations to the NGO Amor em Mechas, in São Paulo, Brazil. The partnership between the institutions and the Association of Support to the Cancer Carrier was signed in February this year and already mobilizes the region of Oeste Paulista.

The NGO, founded in 2017 by Débora Pieretti, helps to raise the self-esteem of women during chemotherapy treatment. Débora was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and, in 2016, attended an event for oncology patients, where she won a wig. It was then that he began to work for the cause to provide free wigs to those people who lose their hair due to cancer treatment.

“After the treatment of breast cancer, I discovered my purpose, my purpose in life, which is to be contributing to soften the suffering of other women during the treatment they are going through,” he says. The NGO founder also says that since March 8, 2017, when Amor em Mechas was released, 503 wigs have already been donated.

The project is aided by companies and volunteers working for the cause. One of them is the psychologist Jéssica Oliveira, who said she embraces the opportunity to be one of the Godmothers of Love in order to facilitate donations. “What motivated me to be a Godmother of Love, is that since I started my volunteer work at the Presidente Prudente Cancer Regional Hospital, I came across various situations, among them, the suffering of hair loss, which I I saw that it was very big, “he says.

Collection points

The “Urns Amor em Mechas” act at the collection points - beauty salons partners - and are the responsibility of “Godmothers and / or Godfathers of Love”. For action in Presidente Prudente and in the region, the Association of Support to the Cancer Carrier, an organization that works to provide assistance to the HRCPP, sponsored 20 ballot boxes to be distributed.

In Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, the collection points are: Sisters, Lury, Sandra Almeida, Lu Marini, Studio Queen, Beleza.com, Elaine Badaró, Mel Studio Hair, Salon G & G, Alessandra Hair, Dani Pires Coiffeur, JR Studio Hair , Dream and Art, Márcia Hair, Marlene Cabeleireira and Salão Débora Duarte. In Tupi Paulista (SP), the Larissa Duarte Hall also receives donations.

For more information, contact the coordinator of humanization at the HRCPP, Emília Ramos, at (18) 2104-8044.