HRCPP makes structural adjustments to inaugurate new services NEWS


HRCPP makes structural adjustments to inaugurate new services

HRCPP makes structural adjustments to inaugurate new services

By Amanda Albuquerque / HRCPP Press Officer

The Regional Cancer Hospital of Presidente Prudente (HRCPP) is making structural adjustments of extreme importance for the inauguration of new services and to guarantee quality treatment to patients. Find out below what the institution’s next steps are:


One of the sectors under construction is Lactário, which has an adequate physical structure to handle and distribute special food for patients in need. The lactation will meet all standards of asepsis and hygiene, functioning as a barrier against infection, as enteral diets are used to restore nutrients in malnourished patients, either by tube or orally. Therefore, they must be prepared with great care, with minimal contact with the hand, so that there is no possibility of contamination.

Iodine therapy

The HRCPP will start the structural adjustments for the functioning of the Iodotherapy sector, an area that needs to be isolated because patients who receive radioactive iodine must remain in isolation, keeping away from other adults, children and pregnant women, preventing these expose themselves unnecessarily to radiation.

Expansion of imaging exams

The next step in expanding care will be the end of the place where endoscopic exams will be performed for the diagnosis of patients. The devices are already purchased, lacking only the structural adequacy of the room, located in the Diagnostic Imaging Center (DIC).