HRCPP signs an agreement with the State to expand services NEWS


HRCPP signs an agreement with the State to expand services

By Amanda Albuquerque / HRCPP Press Officer

90-day agreement will enable the transfer of patients from the Regional Hospital to the oncology unit

The Hospital Regional do Câncer de Presidente Prudente (HRCPP) will receive R $ 6.3 million reais from the Government of the State of São Paulo to receive cancer patients from the Regional Hospital of Presidente Prudente.

The signing was formalized on Monday afternoon (13), with the presence of municipal, state authorities, directors, counselors and benefactors. According to the president of HRCPP, Francelino Magalhães, the transfer is part of an agreement - pleaded since March this year - to help the Regional Hospital and Santa Casa de Presidente Prudente to free up beds for the treatment of COVID-19 cases and concentrate cancer care at the Cancer Hospital.

“With the signing of the agreement, the Hospital do Câncer will take an important step and help to free up vacancies to face COVID-19. We will also generate direct and indirect jobs, contributing to the economic growth of Presidente Prudente ”, said the president.

The agreement will cost 10 beds of the adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and another 80 clinical beds at the HRCPP for 90 days, with the transfer of R $ 2.1 million / month, totaling the 6.3 million announced by the State.

Now, the HRCPP awaits the transfer of the resource to start the transfer of patients and expand services.

Stages of the agreement

In March of this year, the HRCPP placed itself at the disposal of the State Government to receive cancer patients from the Regional Hospital and Santa Casa de Presidente Prudente, with the proviso that the State would have to defray the expenses for this service, in view of that HRCPP does not have an agreement with the Unified Health System (SUS) - which is why the structure is not 100% in operation.

The State replied that a 90-day agreement would be signed with the HRCPP, so that the institution would welcome cancer patients and, thus, both the Regional Hospital and Santa Casa could be made available to meet the repressed demand existing in general care. , above all, to face the current pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Thus, the population would have more vacancies to assist patients with COVID-19 and cancer patients could be treated at HRCPP.

HRCPP carried out with the Regional Health Directorate XI (DRS) all the necessary steps so that the agreement was finally formalized and, until then, awaited the return of the State government.

At the beginning of the month, the HRCPP already carried out the transfer of cancer patients from Santa Casa - autonomously, without connection with the agreement - with the aim of opening vacancies in the general demand at Santa Casa de Presidente Prudente.

Now, with the release of the agreement, cancer patients at the Regional Hospital will also be transferred to the HRCPP, assisting in the release of vacancies at the general hospital.