HRCPP has a modern Monitoring System NEWS


HRCPP has a modern Monitoring System

HRCPP has a modern Monitoring System

By Amanda Albuquerque/Press Office

The Hospital Regional do Câncer de Presidente Prudente (HRCPP) has installed a modern Monitoring System with reliable infrastructure, already homologated, and with technical specifications that meet the institution’s demand.

According to the Information Technology team (T.I.) of the HRCPP, it is a closed monitoring circuit with infrared illumination, with each camera with high range of images decreasing the blind spots of the environment.

“We have both panoramic cameras and focused / targeted to strategic points if they need to be audited. Dedicated media managers have been allocated that can generate advanced audit reports and searches taking into account information such as time, location and event to be searched for, “says Alice Moreira, T.I. trainee.

Based on best practices, every infrastructure has been deployed discreetly and both the physical and virtual components have a preventive maintenance periodicity to give more confidence and availability of monitoring.

The hospital’s parking lot will also undergo a readjustment in order to optimize and improve the quality of service for the locals.