World Cancer Day: who are you and what will you do? #IAmAndIWill NEWS


World Cancer Day: who are you and what will you do? #IAmAndIWill

World Cancer Day: who are you and what will you do? #IAmAndIWill

Next Tuesday (4), World Cancer Day will be celebrated. The date empowers companies, communities and individuals around the world to show support, speak up collectively, take personal action and put pressure on governments to do more.

Created in 2000, the date has become a positive movement for everyone, from all places to come together under one voice to face one of the greatest challenges in history.

World Cancer Day is an initiative of the International Union for Cancer Control (UICC), the oldest and largest international cancer organization committed to leading the community to reduce cancer on the planet, promote greater equality and integrate cancer control the global health and development agenda.

How does cancer affect our world?

According to UICC, non-communicable diseases, including cancer, are one of the “ten threats to global health” of the World Health Organization (WHO). 9.6 million people die from cancer every year.

“Progress is possible. If we act, 3.7 million people can be saved each year. There is a lot we can do because genetic mutations play a role in 5 to 10% of cancers. While, 27% of cancers refer to the use of tobacco and alcohol ”, stated the Union.

What can you do to reduce your risk of cancer?

– Choose healthy foods

– Move more

– Stop smoking

– Reduce alcohol consumption

– Expose yourself to the sun with caution and stay away from tanning beds

– Avoid pollutants and chemicals (including asbestos, pesticides and containers that contain BPA)

– Get vaccinated

– Know the signs and symptoms

Economic data

The UICC says that good health boosts productivity, social stability and economic growth.

“The global economic cost of cancer is 1.16 trillion dollars. This means loss of productivity, costs to the health system, loss of household income, reduced quality of life, disability and premature death ”, explains the UICC.

So on February 4th, whoever you are, your actions, big or small, will make a lasting and positive change. Because progress is possible. We need your commitment to create a cancer-free world. On this World Cancer Day, who are you and what will you do? #IAmAndIWill