World Cancer Day: 1 in 6 deaths are related to the disease NEWS


World Cancer Day: 1 in 6 deaths are related to the disease

World Cancer Day: 1 in 6 deaths are related to the disease

Data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) state that cancer accounted for 9.6 million deaths in 2018, being the second leading cause of death in the world. However, 30% to 50% of cancers can be prevented.

“Cancer can be reduced and controlled through the implementation of evidence-based strategies for prevention, early detection and treatment of patients with the disease. Many cancers have a high chance of cure if detected early and treated properly, “explains PAHO.

During the year, several dates are dedicated to the prevention, awareness and fight against disease, such as World Cancer Day, celebrated today, February 4. The purpose of this date is for society to discuss and manage to control and lower the incidence of cancer worldwide.

Living with cancer

Data from a study carried out with patients diagnosed with breast cancer at three oncology departments linked to a Faculty of Medicine of ABC Paulista show the paths taken by cancer patients from diagnosis to treatment.

“Receiving a diagnosis of cancer causes various feelings, worries and frailties in people and their families due to the reality imposed, that is to say, everyone is living with a serious illness and changes in personal and professional plans caused by illness,” says the research.

However, there are those who use the experience to promote even more optimism and caring for life, such as the patient of the Hospital Regional do Câncer de Presidente Prudente (HRCPP). Retired and resident of Rancharia (SP), began treatment in the entity in 2017 and today conducts regular examinations to follow the stage of the disease.

From patient to patient, Raimundo gives a motivating testimony about the life of cancer patients. Watch it here.