Regional Health Department updates HRCPP on SUS accreditation NEWS


Regional Health Department updates HRCPP on SUS accreditation

By Amanda Albuquerque / HRCPP Press Officer

Representatives of the Regional Health Department XI (DRS 11) were at the Presidente Prudente Regional Cancer Hospital (HRCPP) on Thursday afternoon (12) to report on the progress of the hospital’s accreditation to the Unified Health System (SUS).

The accreditation process is already underway and, by the DRS, everything is approved. At the moment, the process will go to federal level, at the Ministry of Health. The articulation in search of accreditation to SUS was initiated last year when the Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Presidente Prudente, in a humanitarian gesture, gave up oncological accreditation. so that it could be passed on to the HRCPP.

The act involves not only the expansion of services at the HRCPP, but mainly the freeing of vacancies for the general demand, since the HRCPP will offer specialized treatment in the oncology field.
The HRCPP president, Francelino Magalhães, thanked the DRS for the achievement of this achievement for the hospital.

“This hospital belongs to the people and needs, as soon as possible, to fully assist it so that the region can benefit. We are very grateful for your work and we are totally available to do whatever is necessary for the accreditation to take effect, ”said the president.