Couple earns donations to HRCPP NEWS


Couple earns donations to HRCPP

Couple earns donations to HRCPP

By Amanda Albuquerque / Press Office

Osmar Garcia and Maria Adriana F. Garcia are a married couple from Indiana (SP) who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary (Pearl Wedding) in a noble ceremony in support of the Regional Cancer Hospital of Presidente Prudente (HRCPP). Unlike personal gifts, they asked the guests to donate in kind or from basic baskets to the hospital.

The mobilization of the couple resulted in the collection of 10 basic baskets plus about 113kg of loose food and R $ 1277,10 for the entity. The delivery was carried out by Elisete Poleto, an Indian who is also part of the coordination of the Commission to Support the municipality HRCPP.

This year, the Commission will hold the “Second Beneficent Luncheon” for the benefit of the HRCPP: it will take place on August 11, from 12 noon, in the Indiana Parish Hall.